ammo wristband tutorial

Be the Tony Stark of your next Nerf War by creating these totally awesome Ammo Wristbands. When it's Nerf or nothing, you gotta be prepared and extra darts are always an advantage. I created these fun party favors with...you guessed it, a roll of duct tape, one of my favorite party staples. They were included in the ammo pack and were a big hit with the party guests! I promise once you get one down you'll be a ammo wristband pro. 

 1. You'll need a roll of duct tape in the color of choice and foam darts.

2. Tear off a strip of tape to fit around your guests wrist plus a couple inches. 
Mine were about 8 inches long.

 3. Tear off another strip the same size.

4. Tape the two strips together to create a double sides strip of duct tape.

5. Trim edges so there's no sticky showing.

6. Now tear another strip of duct tape about 2-3 inches longer than your double sided strip. 
Lay sticky side up.

7. And cut 5 one inch pieces and place sticky side up. 

8. Starting in the middle of the long strip of tape, place a 1 inch strip. Place the next strip to the right leaving about a 1/2 inch between and another to the left until you have placed all 1 inch strips with a 1/2 inch gap in between  Here's the part of the tutorial where I may I have totally confused you, just nod your head knowingly and  copy the photo!

9. Here's where it all comes together. Starting on the edge of the double sided strip, place the the edge of the long strip (with the five 1 inch strips) down. 

10. When you come to the first 1 inch strip, lay down an dart (awww I hope you see where I'm going with this now) These will create the pockets for your darts.

11. Roll over your dart and tape the next sticky part down.

12. Continue this until you have five dart pockets

13. You should end up with something like this. Trim the edges and fill with darts.

14. To adhere the edges to your Nerfers wrist, you can place Velcro dots to each side to create a easy on easy off clasp. Or use another piece of duct tape to secure the edges together. I pinned a button with our Darts Will Fly Party Circle in it for a little extra swag.

Guaranteed your party guests will love these ammo wristbands!

Let me know how yours come out!


dart war party

And we're back...I've been on hiatus from my blog and thought I would come back with guns blazing--dart guns that is! For my son's 8th birthday party we headed to the park for a day of Dart Wars. His birthday is in October, which is risky to have an outdoor party in Colorado, but in years past it's been perfect weather. This year...not so perfect. Dart Wars Take One: Postponed due to weather. Dart Wars Take Two:  With a forecast of showers late in the day; the party must go on! What the forecast should have read was: rain during the hours of the party with sunshine immediately following. 
While I didn't get to set the scene like I had planned and many of our party decor was rained out--the boys had a blast! Each guest received an ammo pack which included a bandana, in team color orange or blue, a dart gun, darts and an ammo wristband to hold their darts. I made these using duct tape! Dart boards were made by placing printed bullseyes in a frame; the darts stuck perfectly to the glass. After lunch, they readied their forts and prepared for war. We used big packing boxes and painted one orange and one blue. Matching flags made of felt marked the team sides. As the rain fell, the  games began and the boys declared it the best party ever.

Since the rain didn't let up long enough to cut the cake, we sent guests home with cake pops and a favor bag filled with goodies then headed home to open gifts and have cake! Preston requested a standing dart board cake with fondant darts in his favorite flavor, German Chocolate. German chocolate cake pops declared his new age! This is such a fun theme and everyone had a great time, rain and all.Get the look with our Darts Will Fly Party Suite available now in our Etsy Shop.


christmas ONEderland {gluten free}

December is a big month in our family, we have four birthdays to celebrate along with the magic and merriment of Christmas-it's an exciting month! This year is extra special because we celebrated my new nephews 1st birthday! This little guy is such a sweet addition to the family and I was so excited to be a part of his milestone celebration!

My sister-in-law LOVES Christmas and determined that this was her chance to throw a Christmas themed birthday party for her little man before the lure of sailboats and superheros took over. So we designed a Christmas ONEderland for Grant in classic red and green with a touch of grey. We used yarn and sweaters and little bow ties to complete the look! 

Does the elephant look familiar? We thought it would be fun to bring the sweet elephant we used for her baby shower back for another shindig. Who knows, maybe he'll make a yearly appearance! It'll be fun to see what kind of birthday adventures he will be a part. 

And just like the baby shower this dessert table menu is gluten free! Up top we have gluten free vanilla cupcakes with fondant snowmen showcasing Grant's new age-ONE! For the birthday boy, a GF stack of chocolate cake presents wrapped to match those on the invitation; plus, cake truffle Santa hats, classic sugar cookies, vanilla bean French macarons and cake pops packaged sweetly as favors. White chocolate milk mustaches in bottles adorned with scarves and bow ties were perfect for milk to wash the goodies down!

After soup and salad for lunch, guests were invited to make an ornament and munch on popcorn and make themselves a tasty drink at Grant's Hot Chocolate Bar. We provided delicious hot chocolate with white chocolate, peppermint, marshmallow and whipped cream, in matching hot cups. 

Of course, the best part of any first birthday is baby's first taste of cake. Grant dug in and grew a sweet tooth! It was a fun celebration with a theme that can be used for a December birthday of any age or made into a super fun Christmas party. 

This Christmas themed party suite is available in our Etsy shop

Do you celebrate a December birthday? Leave a comment with your birthday and an email to contact you; the two first readers with a birthday the same day as my husband and mom, will get a FREE Christmas Themed Party Suite! I will reveal the dates as soon as we have a match!!

Gluten free marshmallows were used to make the fondant and Wiltons candy melts, which are gluten free,  were used to cover the cake pops and to dip the sugar cookies.