minnie mouse dessert table

We have been busy putting together a Minnie Mouse themed cupcake table which you will be able to see here soon. In the meantime we wanted to share a dessert table, starring the iconic mouse. We created this table last summer for my very special niece who was turning one. 

We fashioned a table full of Minnie Mouse inspired desserts including a three tier birthday cake. The top layer imitated the popular embroidered hats from the theme parks. It was reserved especially for the birthday girl to dig into, which she did in a very controlled and meticulous manner. To accompany the birthday cake we made lollipop sugar cookies, chocolate dipped cereal treats, Minnie Mouse cake truffles and caramel apples.

The best part was watching her eyes open wide every time she was walked past the table and the look of satisfaction on her face when she managed to get her hands on a huge lollipop cookie during one of the passes.

Minnie Mouse is a fun theme for little girl’s parties as it lends itself to many different looks and ideas. Check back to see our Minnie Mouse Cupcake Table and send us photos of your Minnie Mouse fete.



  1. So cute! We are doing a minnie mouse party next month and I want to attempt the caramel apples after watching a youtube video....what did you use for the bows?

  2. The Minnie Mouse caramel apple bows were hand piped in white chocolate and then sprinkled with pink sanding sugar while still warm. Once they cool they are ready to adhere with more chocolate!
    I hope you have a fabulous Minnie Mouse party, we would love to see pictures!
    Love, Cakewalk

  3. love it. do you know where i could buy some minnie mouse caramel apples ?

  4. Hi Tony... The only place I have seen Minnie Mouse caramel apples for sale is at the Disney Theme parks. If you are not close to one, I would encourage you to make them-- They are worth the effort!

  5. thanks so much for the info. I will try to do them. Excited.