skateboard party

There's a stack of skateboard gear by my back door, always ready for one of the many riders in the family to hit the street or the skate park or the ramp and rails out back; so when my son's 7th birthday neared it was a no brainer--he would have a skateboard party!
Guests were invited to a "board meeting" to celebrate the chairman of the boards 7th birthday. When they arrived they were treated to mini pizzas in custom boxes and Gatorade (or sk8r.ade). To keep them hydrated throughout the party, bottles of sk8h2o were on hand! They had a blast racing down the street and jumping off the ramp on their boards and scooters.
When they were almost tired, they were treated to a skateboard dessert table. The table featured a birthday cake that looked like a Vans hat sitting atop a skateboard, plus skateboard wheel donuts, hat and skateboard sugar cookies and mini cupcakes. Preston's guests were thanked for coming with a favor bag that read "Preston's Party Was Off The Wall" and were filled with mini skateboards, a skateboarding 101 manual and other fun treats. Preston and his guests had a blast! This is a really fun party theme perfect for skateboarders of any age! 

Preston riding a pool at a nearby skatepark--That's My Boy! 


  1. Very cool ideas! Well done.

  2. OMG!!! I just found your blog and love it! Would you mind sharing how you went about the skateboard wheels? I would love to make these for my friends party! Thank you in advance. Jenny :)

  3. Hi Jenny,
    For the skateboard wheels, cut a circle out of fondant then use a second smaller circle to cut the middle out. Then using royal icing or melted chocolate write the name of the wheel or any other designs you want. The birthday childs name or age would be cute also! Let them set then place them on top of your donut!
    This is a pretty easy way to dress up a store bought dessert and the skate guests loved them!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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