carnival party

Step right up and enjoy the fun at Daniella's 3rd Birthday Carnival! One of my favorite roles is being "Auntie" Michelle to my niece Daniella and nephew Grant. I love that I have been able to make Daniella's birthdays a little extra special and I can't wait for Grant's first birthday! Daniella's first birthday was Minnie Mouse, her second was Hello Kitty and to celebrate Daniella's third birthday we did it up classic carnival style with red and white stripes and classic carnival fare. Guests enjoyed hot dogs and chips, nachos, popcorn and cold drinks-then were invited to play at the water park and to have their faces painted. 
Under the pavilion was Daniella's dessert table filled with carnival favorites including, popcorn, cotton candy and sno-cone cupcakes, mini cherry pies, caramel apples and a bucket of popcorn birthday cake of which she couldn't resist biting into! Daniella's guests went home with cotton candy and a popcorn box filled with lots of treats to thank them for sharing her big day. 
The carnival party is a great theme because it can take on so many different looks! We chose a modern-classic palette of red, white and black but you can do just about any colors!

Sometimes in party planning you just can't find the right coordinating items. There were tablecloths in black, white, red--but I wanted a red and white stripe; not a skinny stripe but a stripe just so. When I couldn't find one I set out to make one, can you guess what I used? 
I used red duct tape! It was easy and I was able to create the perfect stripe to match my party! When you have an image of what you want and can't find it, keep your eye open for the color and shape and think outside the box, and create it yourself!


  1. So cute! I am dying over the sno cone cupcakes! They look real! And the pies....I want one too!

  2. OMG I wish I was your neice!!!! Everything is perfect.

  3. Oh Michelle, you did a fantastic job on this party! Love, Love everything!

  4. Everything looks great and the duct tape tablecloth worked perfectly!!!

  5. I love the last photo, ADORABLE! Such a cute party and amazing sweets!

  6. This is amazing. I am wondering if you made or ordered your banner? I am doing a school Carnival and would love to recreate or buy it for our event.Thanks